Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Friday Getaway

When our tax return money came in, we promised the girls we would take a day trip to Spokane. Jeremy got the day off Friday, so we decided to head to Spokane.

Our first stop was a place called Cat Tales Zoological Training Center. Jeremy had come across their website when we took our day trip to Spokane in October.

Above is the Siberian Tiger, Zeus. He was so beautiful. You see these animals on tv and in pictures and they look beautiful, but they are incredible to see in person.

This is a Bengal tiger and I cannot remember his name. They were all named after gods. They are very impressive.

This is an Asian leopard.

This is the other one's brother.

Now, here is the "king of the beasts". I have seen lions in zoos and this gentleman is definitely the most distinguished fellow I have seen. They were in process of getting him ready to have a root canal and he was taking notice of all the proportions that were going on around him.

Cat Tales is a place that has a one year program for people to become zookeepers, so they have students that will give you a guided tour and tell you about each animal. Our guide's name was Keegan and he was a very pleasant fellow. We enjoyed his presentation very much. He was the one who took this picture for us.

The girls and I thought these signs were hilarious, especially when Sammy saw the lion and immediately started to run toward it.

These are pictures Bailee took. She got some great shots.

Below is a puma or as we all know it, a cougar. If you have never heard the sounds these cats make, go to the San Diego Zoo website. They have sound bytes of different animals. The sound the cougar makes is very disturbing. I know if I were out in the woods and heard one I would be very frightened.

If you want to see more information about, Cat Tales here is there website. You might think it is sad to see these marvelous creatures in these cages, but the stories the guide told us were very disheartening. Humans can be so thoughtless. Many of these animals were rescued from very sad circumstances.

We had a great time seeing a part of nature we do not often get to see.


  1. How much does it cost to get in?
    I'm surprised they didn't have any ligers.

  2. It cost us $34. I think it was $8 per adult and $5 for children. They might have a liger. It just might not be on display.