Monday, March 8, 2010

Sewing with Grandma Brenda

I think I mentioned once before that the girls get sewing lessons from their Grandma Brenda.

We took an extended break around the holidays, but are back at it now. This was last week and the little girls made themselves a pillow with a lovely soft covering.

Luken did not have much to do while we were there and we had to shut him out of the sewing room, because he wanted to get into things, so he was somewhat put out. He had to stay in the other room with mom.

They had to hand sew some of their pillow and it freaked them out. Sam and Makayla were the ones making the pillows and they tried to get me to tell Grandma that they were not allowed to use needles. This was quite entertaining. They did very well. They even sewed on their own buttons.

Bailee was working on a potholder with a butterfly applique she had made. She still loves to have her picture taken.

This would be our five year old acting like our fourteen year old telling me she does not want her picture taken.

I have to admit they are not all that sure that they like their sewing lessons. I know it is a skill that they need though, whether they see it or not, so we will continue on.

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