Friday, March 19, 2010

Dirt is Food

The other evening, Luken and I were home alone. I had moved most of our plants up, but there was one still on the floor. Up until this point, he had left it alone.

I was in the kitchen doing something and I can back to see him picking bits of dirty out of the pot and eating it.

I took him away cleaned him off, but the moment I turned my back, he would be back at it.

He thought it was quite tasty and fun.

I have since moved the plant.

He has also decided he enjoys our stairs. The pictures of that I took did not turn out. If I catch him again, I will put some up.


  1. Good thing it wasn't a poisonous house plant!

  2. Yeah. As far as I know it is not. He was not really eating the plant. He did put a piece in his mouth, but he spit it right out. He was most interested in the dirt.

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