Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our Next Stop - Lunch

Our next stop was lunch. The girls are watches of PBS and PBS is sponsored by Chuck E. Cheese. Every time they have seen a commercial they say, "I wish we could go to Chuck E. Cheese". So we decided that because there was a Chuck E. Cheese very close to Cat Tales, we would stop there for lunch.

I was actually pleasantly surprised by it. Around here the only places we have to resemble it is Bumpers. One thing I do not like about Bumpers is that it is very dark. It is more teenage focused.

Chuck E. Cheese was very different. It was very young child focused. It had big windows and was very bright. It was also much cleaner than I anticipated. We are talking a place for hordes of kids.

If you have never been there, they have all sorts of arcade games, a play place, and some small rides. The girls had a great time trying everything out.

Luken had a good time hanging out and watching everyone else play the games. The game he is standing by is a ball rolling game and is actually my favorite. Why - I cannot tell you.

It is also a pizza place, but it is not the best pizza. You are definitely not going for the food. It would equate to Pizza Perfection pizza, if you have ever had that. They are going for quantity, not quality, but it was okay.

There was no complaining at this table. Everyone was just plain hungry.

And last, but not least, the little girls got their picture taken with Chuck E. Cheese. They were so excited by this. There was a school there having a party and he came out to them first. Our girls were thinking he might not come out to the main area and it disappointed them. When he moved out to the main area, they could hardly contain themselves.

Another fun moment in our family history.

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