Sunday, January 25, 2009

Our Cat, Oscar

We actually have two male cats. One is neutered and one is not. They have a love/hate relationship. Mostly it is hate. Oscar is the older by a year, but Shadow is bigger and Shadow's favorite thing to do is chase Oscar. This has caused Oscar to look for out of the way hiding places. Places that Shadow will not think of.

Here is one of his most recent place. This is in the room where Bailee does school and we keep all of our craft stuff in. This was a new one. It is always funny to see where he will chose to hide.


  1. The picture of your cat....scared the living daylights out of me when I openeed your page......

    I don't know why cats freak me out so much.....I clearly have a phobia.

    I don't really have any input about cats....but how is your preg. going? How are you feeling? and what is your due date again...June, right?

  2. Becky - You are funny.

    My pregnancy is going fine. I have not been to the doctor yet. I will go next month, but my due date should be about mid-June.