Tuesday, January 6, 2009

In the Sticks

For those of you who do not know, we live up on the Palouse just a couple of miles from the top of Lewiston Hill. We are situated in a place that only allows for satellite internet. And just so you know, just because it says satellite it does not mean it is more high tech. It just means it is more expensive and harder to work with.

Anyway, I say that to let you know that pictures load very slowly here at my house. This means I am going to load a few more Christmas pics, but then I am done. I want to be able to show you our new escapade with the snow and suburban, which is stuck as we speak in the afore mention snow.

Here are a few more pictures of Christmas:

Christmas Morning - Stockings are free to grab as soon
as you get up at our house.

My family left here:
ShaeLyne, Brandi, Makayla, Brittney, Justin, Sam, Jeremy
Bailee, Marvin, Myself

On to the snow and suburban:

This is Evans Rd. No your eyes are not tricking you, you really cannot see the road.
They did not get it plowed until last night at some time. We just got a lot of snow and
wind Sunday night that gave us these lovely conditions.

Last year, we were able to drive out through this field to get to the road.
Too much snow this time.

This is what the wind can do with the snow at our house.
That is probably about three feet high.
Before it snowed more, you could see our grass.

I walked out to our mailbox and took this picture on the way in.
Marvin and Jeremy tried very hard to get the suburban unstuck.
The little dots on the right hand side are my girls going sledding.

This is where I live right now. It is beautiful, white and prestine, but it is also challenging. Jeremy joked today that is a good thing we are self-sustaining, which is not true. After we could not free the suburban today, we went looking for a family member that was willing to lend us a vehicle. Thankfully we found one.

We will be leaving that vehicle out on the Evans and will have to trek out to it each time we need to go somewhere. God is good and he provides.


  1. A little tip to help with the slow downloads, don't know if you are already doing this:
    My camera is really high resolution so the pictures are huge and take forever to download full size, even with fast internet. I use easy thumbnails (which Jeremy hooked me up with so I'm sure you guys have it or have access to it) and make my pictures into thumbnails (usually 700 by 700) to begin with and then the internet just has to download some really small pics.

  2. I love the pic. of your family...looks like you guys had a good time together. Brandi's baby is adorable....when is he new baby due? Does she know what she is having?

  3. Becky,
    Brandi found out that she is having another girl and she is due the middle of May.

    I have not talked with her since Christmas, but she was doing well then.