Tuesday, January 27, 2009

6th Photo in the 6th Folder

This is our cat, Shadow, when he was just a kitten. He was so sweet, cuddly, and fun.
Now I am trying decide if I am going to make him live outside full time.

This is him now. He just plain ornery.

So I will do the same as Becky. All who read this have been tagged.
Come on, you all have got to have some great pictures and isn't it funny that it
will be a random picture not necessarily of your choosing.


  1. and it just so happened to be another kitty-cat.....

    your killing me, Jess :)

  2. Sorry, Becky, but our cats are a part of the family. They regularly get their pictures taken.

  3. I know...I know...:) and I know how much you love them.......♥