Friday, January 30, 2009

Jeremy's Birthday

My husband celebrated his 33rd birthday yesterday.
Sad to say, that he was not given all that much of a birthday here at home.
I was so tired from being up all night with Makayla I had a hard time functioning yesterday.


  1. Happy birthday Jeremy!
    Is Makayla sick? Hope you get some rest.

  2. Happy Birthday Jeremy.....

    is Makayla not feeling well? :(

  3. Makayla was awake most of Wednesday night because she had an ear ache. She also spent most of yesterday in pain, but we prayed for her all day and she woke up right as rain this morning.

  4. i'm glad to hear makayla is feeling better! that's a bummer for jeremy. i'm sure his party today will make up for it : )