Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Sunday - Makayla, Luken, and I stayed home from church. Makayla was struggling with some stomach thing. She was laying on the couch when Luken climbed up beside her and laid down with her. It was very cute and I got his very cute picture.

On Sunday nights, Justin, Brittney, and Anjahli come over and watch the Amazing Race with us. I got this very cute picture of her. She does not crawl yet, but she is right there. She can get herself wherever she wants to go by army crawling.

This was after Jeremy and Sam got home from church. Jeremy tried to take a nap on the couch which is crazy because our living room is Grand Central Station. Luken thought he needed to lay down with Dad also and get his picture taken again.

It was a nice, relaxing Sunday.

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  1. That first picture with Makayla and Luken you can really see how alike they look. Makayla's only difference is her nose.
    Hey, what happened with Jeremy's job?