Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Changing Seasons

I thought I would give you a glimpse of what we have endured weather wise over the last week. The first picture would be what we awoke to on Tuesday morning last week. It had snowed a lot on Sunday morning and then again on Monday afternoon and night.

This was yesterday. Starting on Wednesday last week, it began to warm up and our snow began to melt.

This is our driveway. I know it is not give you a very good impression of the depth of the snow, but you see that Jeremy did not actually use the driveway, but had to go out through the field.

This also is yesterday. We have traded our snow for mud. I just want the sun to come out now and melt snow and dry up mud.

And then I thought I would throw this in for good measure. This is Monday of this week. Our winter weather was not going to go out nicely. It snowed like this a couple of different times during the day. Thankfully, it did not really stick.

I went back through my pictures to see if we had ever gotten snow like this in March before and the answer was no. Each year we did have a slight snow in March but only enough slightly whiten the ground.

During these days, I wish we lived in the valley, but most of the time I am content where I am at.

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