Saturday, March 26, 2011


I am sorry it has been over a week. Life has just gotten ahead of me.

Luken was sick this week and needed his mom to give him extra time. It is so hard when they are small and cannot tell you exactly how they are feeling.

My laptop gave me the blue screen of death. For those that don't know, that is the time to go find a computer tech. It means that your hard drive is bad and you are about to lose everything or may have lost everything already. I am hoping my computer tech can get everything off mine. All of my pictures are on there.

Jeremy went to Spokane to retrieve our newly rebuilt Metro motor. He, along with his step-dad, are putting it in the Metro as I type.

The girls are now on spring break. We tried to get as much done this last week in preparation for the time off.

And Jeremy is still home. He is seeking employment, but has not found anything yet. Please continue to pray for us regarding this.

Life has just been busy. I am sorry for no pictures, but at this time, I am not even sure if I will be able to get them off my computer. Hopefully, I will.

I hope life is of a slower pace for all of you.


  1. we're praying!!

    and, as a side note, did you want me to start looking at jobs for Jeremy in Wichita? just curious...

    : )

  2. Thanks and yeah. I have actually already done a little checking. It has mostly been on, but you sure can look.

    There is nothing around here right now. We are doing some serious think about having to move for Jer to have a job.

    Not exactly what we would want, but we really want what God wants and so we are waiting for Him to show us the right door.