Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Power Outage and More Snow

Yesterday afternoon it started to snow. We had been expecting snow all day long and then it started when it was time to head to dance. Jeremy arrived home and said that the drive conditions were not good, so dance was canceled for the day for us.

Not too long after that, the power went out and stayed out for about two hours. Above is the girls playing a game to take their minds off the fact that it was getting darker and darker.

This power outage happened right around dinner time, so not knowing when the power would come back on, we decided to cook our pizza on the fireplace.

It turned out pretty good. The first one's crust was a bit burnt, but the second one turned out great. The power came back on not too long after the second pizza was done.

Jeremy and I thought it was a fun pioneer time. The girls did not know what they thought at all.

Then we woke this morning to this. We did have snow before, but it had started to melt yesterday before the snow came again.

When it started snowing yesterday afternoon, it just kept going until this morning.

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