Monday, March 14, 2011

Some Firsts in the Movius House

It finally happened. That tooth came out. It has been so loose, but Makayla is not a puller. I may have mentioned before, I have nothing to do with the pulling of teeth. It grosses me out. Anyway, yesterday, she showed me that she could almost get it to lay completely horizontal. As she was wiggling it, it just popped right out. Her first tooth lost and just four months late.

In the below picture, you will see that the adult tooth had already began to come in. It was just growing up behind the baby tooth.

And Luken had a first also. He received his first haircut yesterday. His dad was having a very hard time with how long his hair had gotten. He kept threatening to cut it when I was gone, so I finally conceded.

We just took the clippers and trimmed him down. He is 21 months now, so I guess a haircut was definitely needed.

Here he is with his new do. He looks so different. Do they really have to grow up so quickly?


  1. Sad, he looks so grown up now!

  2. I know. They went to Pam's today and then Jeremy brought them to the dance building. When I saw him, I was not sure if that was my son or not.

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your little man, Ange.

  3. Trust me, I am. :) Something about knowing he's the last makes me just want to hold him constantly and just watch him sleep.

  4. Yeah, I did not enjoy the pain and discomfort of Luken's first month, but I did enjoy all the time I got to just sit and hold him.

  5. caedmon will be so jealous : )

    and, be still my heart!! he looks SO cute with that big boy haircut!