Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Snow Day

We have had another round of snow up here on the Palouse. I had almost given up hope of seeing more winter. It definitely felt like we were headed to spring.

The day the kids woke up to snow they ate breakfast and headed outside. The temperatures were warm enough that it could have melted at any time.

Jeremy had Saturday off, so that morning we headed out to our sledding hill. The girls will take the sleds out on their own, but Luken usually wants to join them, so they do not get very far. With Jeremy and I in tow, they were able to go to the bigger hill.

In the above picture, you see how we get Luken out there. He will walk for a bit, but his little legs do get wore out.

We usually only go about halfway up the hill. It is a nice hike up the hill and the girls are definitely not into going all the way.

I even love to sled. I am in the above picture way at the bottom. I know I burn a lot of calories hiking back up the hill.

Luken is crying in this picture because his dad has left him to snowboard down the hill.

Finally, he came back and Luken is happy.

They got a bit hungry, so we had a little picnic.

Then we decided the dog needed a workout, so we tied the sled to her and had her pull Luken around.

And then it was back up the hill. You cannot see her, but Gia is still pulling Luken.

Sadly though, not long after this, Luken and I went for a ride down the hill and had a terrific crash. When we went back out on Sunday, Luken did not want to have anything to do with going down the hill on the sled. I am sure he will be good with it again, but it might take some time.

The kids are really loving the snow. We are going to open up our sledding hill to friends. If you are interested, give us a call Saturday and come sledding.

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