Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Losing A Child

For those of you who do not remember, my parents are directors of a children's home in Eldoret, Kenya, Africa. It is called Tumaini Children's Center. Here are the links to my mom's blog, Leister's in Kenya, and Children with Hope, the organization that they are under.

Below is an email I received from my mom this morning. Please keep them in your prayers. Life is very different there and they need prayers more than anything.

Today the DCO came with Alex's mom and grandparents! They had done all the paper work before they came so they were able to take him with them! We are feeling that these people, his family, love him and will take care of him! I write this through my tears of course, how many times have I done this, hundreds, but it never gets any easier! Especially here in Kenya where life is so different outside of these walls! Pray for Alex's safety, for his heart as he transitions, for his family as they transition, for all of us here as we transition with out him! Thank you so much for being there to pray for us and our children! Love Phyllis

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