Thursday, February 24, 2011


Sadly, Makayla had a major reality check on Sunday. We had left church and gone to Costco to get a few things. There we saw Chris and Esther Dotson. Esther has asked me a couple of times if Sam could come to their house. They had all be spur of the moment and tend to not do spur of the moment. This time her mom was with her and agreed to get Sammy home, so I agreed.

Makayla thought this invitation included her and was devastated when she realized she was not included.

I had just been thinking a few days before how they were getting to the age where this was going to happen. It was hard to see it take place though. I know this is a good thing. All of my children are individuals and need their own times to be with friends, but it was hard for me to see Makayla so upset. Life can be so hard when you are six.

Here she is with her brother before Sammy got home.


  1. Poor Mak. Especially since they are so close in age. Ysabelle and Roslynn are 3.5 years apart, but they are inseparable so I'm sure we are in trouble when just Ysa gets invited with friends. She has gone out with just my aunt before, and it made Roslynn very sad.

  2. aww, poor Makayla : ( wish we lived closer so she and Caedmon could get together - they play together so well. tell her (and all the kids) we say hi and we love them!

  3. Ange - Yeah, I am sure your girls will go through some of this also. They definitely remind me of Sam and Makayla's relationship.

    Randi - I wish you were here too. They do play so well together. It makes me smile every time I see them together. They remind me of what my mom said about Ken and me. We were the same age difference and were great pals when we were younger.