Thursday, February 17, 2011

And More Snow

When the kids woke up Wednesday morning, they were excited to see that there was still snow on the ground. They got ready and went right outside.

I love how the snow drapes everything in a lovely whiteness. It makes everything look so clean.

We are suppose to have more rain and snow over the next few days. I am hoping for snow. I really, really hate the mud. I think I have mentioned that before.


  1. I'm glad you like snow. I only like to visit snow, not live in it. I would love to live somewhere that is 70 degrees most of the year. What is that window looking thing in the ground on the third picture down?

  2. I like snow better than rain. If I had a chose between snow and rain, I would choose rain during the winter. I love a good rain during the summer.

    The ground just gets so soggy up here during the winter and spring when it rains so much. I hate mud!

    I think that was probably a storage area way back in the day. It is now just a dilapidated structure. Thankfully, the girls have not been all that interested in it.