Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More News from Kenya

Just a quick note for prayer! We took one of the twins Esther into the hospital on Tuesday and her and i ( phyllis) spent the night as she was treated for pneumonia! I am home for just a bit today and Troy is at the hospital ( Wednesday ) so that I could reassure all here and get a shower! Esther and I will be spending another night tonight and hope that she will have improved enough to come home on Thursday! Please pray that she recovers quickly and that no one else here gets it! Because of the cold nights it has become a serious problem in our area! The President got on TV and radio Monday and proclaimed it an emergency and is offering free immunizations against pneumonia for children under the age of 1. We have 4 of those and are going in on Friday for these shots. Horace is very tired because he has been me for a couple of days and I am very tired but other than that we are ok! We will appreciate any and all prayer! Love Mom Phyllis

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