Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Our Little Climber

Little Mr. Luken (or Yuken, as Cousin Roslynn says) has decided he likes the idea of standing up. I have been given a bad time, because I discourage people from helping him walk. I know he will walk soon enough and I am not ready yet for that.

He has been doing some exercises to get him ready anyway. He is a cheeky little monkey.
I found him on the bottom step of our stairs. It has not happened again and I am very glad for that. We need to get a baby gate soon for the stairs.


  1. i can't believe he is pulling up on things! man time flies and babies grow up fast when you aren't there to see them often!

  2. I know. I cannot believe he is doing it. He is quite the little mover though. He has thoroughly mastered crawling and is getting ready to walk.