Friday, February 26, 2010

Last Weekend's Project

We have this great raspberry patch back by our shed. My intentions have always been to tend it and then get a great harvest of raspberries. Sadly enough, that has yet to happen. I am believing for this year to be the year.

So this last weekend, I went out and did some pruning. I wish I had thought to get a before picture. I attacked this raspberry patch. There was so much dead stuff in there. I cleaned it all out and trimmed them down to 5'. I am so excited to see what we will get this summer.

My next task for this project is to dig up some of the plants and replant them, so we can have some rows making it easier to get to the berries.

I will keep you informed of my progress. I am just so excited to outside doing yard work this spring. Last spring I was just way too pregnant. I am even planning a garden. It is going to be such great fun.

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