Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jeremy's Birthday Party

My husband turned the big 34 a little over a week ago. Birthdays around here deserve parties and so we gave him one. Here are some pictures from it.

Look at these cute girls. The two with the crimped hair are ours of course. Bailee spent hours one day crimping their hair, all of them. I did not get a picture of Bailee with hers. I will next time though. Welcome back to the 80s. Just so you all know, I was just starting my teen years at the end of the 80s, so not really my decade.

This is Jacque, Jill, and Jeremy's mom, Pam. We are blessed to have family and friends join our birthday celebrations.

Here is Ange with Baby Jocelyn. I had to take this picture twice, because I did not have the right angle. This is what I get for taking the picture of a professional photographer.

And last, but not least, D!vers!ty band revisited. My husband received Guitar Hero World Tour band kit for Christmas. He has been dying to get Christian up here to tell him how realistic the drums were. They had their own little special moment. They were all going to be rock stars.


  1. Wow, my hair looks awful there. At least Jocelyn's working it.

  2. These pictures look darker than they do on my computer. And don't worry with Jocelyn in your lap, no one is looking at you.