Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I received this blog post in my email the other day and I thought it was too good to not to share.

I can relate to this mom in regards to this situation.  I have had moments when my kids wanted to pass along items to their friends.  I would start thinking - "Will you want to play with that again?"  "What if the person that gave that to you asks how you are enjoying it?"  "Hey, I gave that to you."  or "Hey, I made that for you.  It took hours."  Of course, all these thoughts stay in my head and most times I have allowed that item to be passed along.

I remember being a kid and watching my mom go through the same struggle with one of my brothers.  He free gave anything away.  At the time, I thought he was insane, but now he has grown into such a caring, generous man.  I want my children to be just like him in this area, so I hold my tongue and allow them to gift things to their friends.

Here is the link to the post from Simple Mom regarding this topic: Honoring the spirit of generosity in our children.

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