Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Three Gifts - River City Dance Christmas Presentation

As I told you, Bailee and Samantha had a dance presentation this last weekend.  I heard it was great, but I cannot say for myself.  We had a terrific, terrible problem.  We had more people than we could seat.

The Silverthorne Theatre on the LCSC campus is where we held last year's Christmas presentation and we had seats leftover.  We held this year's presentation there also, but there were no leftover seats.  We had people lining the walls and filling the back.

I am the administrator for RCD and it is my job to greet people at the door and hand out programs.  This year it left me out in the entrance hall.  Don't feel bad for me though.  Jeremy recorded it and I did get to see bits and pieces.  Whenever our girls were performing, I found a whole.

I did not get any pictures of the performance though or of the girls before.  They did not get their costumes on until they got there.  My sister-in-law, Ange, got a few pictures of the performance and she put them on her business blog.  I will redirect you there.

Just a few notes before you get there, the first picture is of my niece, Ysa (Ange's daughter) and my brother-in-law, Justin (not Ange's husband).  The next is of our Bailee.  The next is (yes, Ange) Rachel Kym.  The last is Largent, who were are in-law relatives of, and his wonderful girlfriend, Lori.

Thanks for the pictures, Ange, and to the rest of you go check them out.  Ange Movius Photography

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