Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is a busy day for us each year.  On previous Christmas Eves, we have tried to have our family time once we get home from visit with grandparents and great grandparents.  I finally had an epiphany and realized that we should do it in the morning before we leave.  So this year that is just what we did.

I know so many people who have the tradition of giving their children pjs on Christmas Eve and we are one of those families.  I wonder how this got started.
Just so you know, I bought this shirt for myself.

Luken has a very expressive face.  He made Christmas so fun this year.

I made Makayla's pants from her robe material from last year.

Same with Sammy's.  Now they have matching pants and robes.

I promised Bailee I would not put any questionable pictures up.  This was the better one.

Captain America

I had to pile a bunch of books on the back of our couch to get this picture.

Makayla is definitely our shorty right now.

I will share more Christmas Eve pictures in coming posts.

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