Saturday, August 27, 2011

They Were Here and We Had Fun!!

For those of you who do not know, my parents and sisters were here, but now have gone. No worries though, they shall return in a couple of weeks.

Above is Troyanna and Makayla. Most of you might not know that Troy and Makayla share a birthday. They had done each other's makeup.

Here is Dannon and Sam. They also share a birthday. Dannon is the youngest of our family. Troyanna is just two years older than her. I am 35 and Dannon is 12.

They spent their time here staying out at Hells Gate State Park. They rented one of the little cabins and had a great time. We spent a lot of time down there this last week.

Brittney, Anjahli, and Mom - This visit was when they were introduced to Anjahli. Of course, they were enchanted.

All the kids had a great time in the river.

Marvin and Bailee relaxing after a day at the river. Brother Marvin will be leaving us soon. He is moving to Coos Bay, Oregon mid-September. We are really going to miss him.

These cabins are really small, but they have some great features. One of which is the swings.

Dannon, Makayla, and Chelan (Marv's girlfriend)

Here he is - Dad Leister - not much changed. The hair might be whiter.

Brother Josh put together a video before they left Kenya. Mom is showing it to more family. It is really good. I hope you all get a chance to watch it.

Dannon and Bailee showing me their cheerleading skills.

Great picture of Troy. Thank you, dear.

Our little water puppy. Strange child likes to drink river water, bath water, yucky water.

We will miss them over the next two weeks, but are looking forward to more fun when they return.


  1. What's Marvin going to be doing in Oregon?

  2. Initially, he will just be working. He has himself an apartment and hopefully soon a job. Eventually, he is going to work toward school.