Sunday, August 7, 2011

Another Kitten - Tiger

Yes, we do have another kitten. Grandma Brenda went looking for a kitten for herself and ended up with three. Grandpa Ted did not think this was a good idea, so she gave us a call to see if we wanted one.

So the little guy in the above picture hissing at the camera is Tiger and he fits his name.

As you can see, he is about half the size of Smokey and Tootles, but when they get to playing he holds his own.

Thankfully, Smokey and Tootles have taken to their new housemate. In the first few days, Tootles was not sure he liked the new guy, but he has warmed up to him.

Also, notice in the above picture the relaxed position of Tootles. I believe we have the most relaxed cats on the planet. They will sleep on their backs with the legs flopping to the sides. It is funny.

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