Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Family Members

Sadly enough, over the last few weeks, we have found ourselves without pets.
During the winter months, we find ourselves with many a mice in the house. Cats are really a necessity up here, so we decided to get kittens.

Brenda and I had talked recently and kittens were mentioned. She was keeping an ear out for any and found us some. Bailee and Jeremy picked them up Monday night.

As you can imagine, they are well loved. They are both boys. The orange one's name is Tootles and the greys one's name is Smokey.

Tootles is getting a bit too much love from Luken.

We got them in the evening. I did not think that Luken would remember them come morning. I was wrong. The first thing he said to me was "My baby meows". It was so cute. Thankfully, he has three older sisters, so I know they will survive to be adult cats.

They are just too cute and they are so friendly. When we take them out of their box they sleep in, they come right to your feet wanting love.

If you are in need of a kitty fix, please come visit us.


  1. I'm not a cat person, but they are pretty darn cute. Luken with the kitty reminds me of the book "Of Mice and Men."

  2. I know. We are very watchful when he is around them.

    This comment is from my mom:
    We are all going ahhhhhh!!! Even Dad, as you know loves cats! We can not wait to see them, they should still be pritty little! We love the picture of Luken! I do not know if you remember but we have a picture of Bailee just about hat age when you brought home, I think her name was Jena! She is sitting holding the cat with the same expression that says " I am going to burst and the cat with me" ! Love Mom

  3. i love them - too cute : ) but i guess i missed the news, what happened to your other pets??

  4. I have not said anything about Oscar and Gia because we have gone through so many pets.

    About two months ago, we began putting the animals outside all day because it had finally warmed up. I don't think Oscar was around one night, so we just let him stay outside which is what we have always done when the weather is warm. He was never seen again.

    About a month ago, Gia decided to go chase cars on the highway and got hit.

    It was a sad month.