Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Family Picture

It has been over a year since we took a family picture. Well, I guess we took one on Christmas morning, but we were all in our pjs and I don't really want to share that one.

I decided it was time to try for one. The above picture was the turned out the best, but I am still not satisfied. We will just keep trying this summer.

Do you notice the difference between the two above pictures? I did a bit of photo editing.

While I was trying to get things the way I wanted them, Sam and Makayla wanted to many pictures of themselves taken.

They also wanted us to do a funny picture. If you cannot tell, I have a hold of Bailee's hair.

The rest of these were taken while they all patiently wait for me to get things the way I wanted them to be.

I love this one of Bailee and Makayla. I just wish that Makayla did not have her hand in the way.


  1. I like the silly family one. I think that should be your Christmas card!

  2. Ange, I will have to keep that in mind. I was hoping to take one with the green field in the background, but the sun was still out and it just white washed the background.

    Like I said, I am going to make them try again sometime. I am going to have to look at your family pictures to get ideas for poses. That was the hardest part.

  3. My two suggestions would be to shoot out in the lovely light with your backs toward the light when the sun is almost set or just set. (You can check online to see what time the sun will be setting each day, even a year in advance!)
    The other suggestion would be to have someone behind the camera- I don't even usually do family pictures with just a timer anymore- it's so much more time consuming and with little guys they have a hard time smiling at a camera on a pole- so last time I had Jax stand back there and snap away after I set the camera up. We ended up getting done much faster as she was able to shoot a ton in a row and capture the girls faces really good rather than having to reset and reset the camera.
    Love it!

  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I thought I had waited long enough because our side yard was in the shadows, but I did not think about the fact that the sun was not down until we were out there.

    I will have to think of doing it sometime when Brittney and Justin are up. They can take ours and we can take theirs.