Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Book Review: Daddy Dates by Greg Wright

I am sure that I mentioned I had joined a website that allowed me a complimentary copy of a book to review. I have finished my first book and here is my review.

Daddy Dates by Greg Wright
This book is a dad's journey into building solid relationships with his four daughters. He examples in simple, plain terms what it means to be a dad to a daughter and how much of an affect they have on their daughters lives.

I am a daughter and a mom. I was hoping that by reading this book I would get some ways to encourage my husband on his daddy dates. I know from personal experience just how important my father was and is in my life.

This book was great. Mr. Wright is an excellent, humorous communicator. The book is filled with his life experiences and words of wisdom to dads. In one section of the book, he even had a personality profile that always you to examine who you and your daughter are and how that affects how you communicate. I found this section very helpful even from a mom's perspective. I would recommend this book to every father with a daughter or any man who had a fatherly role to a girl's life.

In our society today, men need to understand just how important they are to the females in their lives. I believe this book is an excellent tool for those men to use.

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