Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More 2nd Birthday Fun!

Several years ago, Jeremy and I began doing special birthday prayers over our children. I have to admit that we have forgotten a few times, but we continue to plow forward in this. Anyway, the above picture is Jeremy praying for Luken.

Blowing out the candle.

He was excited by the ball on the box.

I again just love the look on his face in this one.

Here he is talking with Grandpa Ted, who called all the way from Wyoming.

Again, I just love the look and concentration going into opening this gift.

Bailee is actually smiling in the picture. I took it before she realized what I was doing. She had actually been looking in the other direction and turned her head just at the right moment.

Luken trying out his T-ball stand, which his dad proceeded to break right after this.
Thankfully, he was also able to fix it.

Grandma Brenda made him this great bean bag chair with "yee-haws" on it.

Also from Grandpa Ted and Grandma Brenda were these great cowboy boots. He loved them.

I still have more coming tomorrow.


  1. so much fun! i LOVE the boots!

  2. They are great! He loves them. They are a bit big, but he will get a lot of wear before they are too small.