Monday, January 11, 2010

More Christmas Eve

Our next stop for Christmas Eve is to Jeremy's grandparents' house. This is always a very fun tie with extended family we do not see very often.
Above is the kids with Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma.

Luken and Great Grandpa Ray

Luken taking up residence in Great Grandma Georgia's chair.

These are just some of the people gathered. Aunt Julie, Grandpa Ray, Uncle Dave, Aunt Kristi, and Luken.

Sam with her "Yes, Mom, you may take my picture" look.

These are some of the kids' cousins. They are all close in age and they had a great time. It had been a while since they last saw each other.

Grandma Pam trying to get Luken to sleep. Grandpa Mike totally unaware I am taking a picture. Melissa paying attention.

Aunt Julie and Uncle Rich

Kevin, Tiffany, and John - These are all Jeremy's cousins.

Bailee and Aliah

Bailee and Bryke - They wanted to keep Bailee. She loves kids this age. Actually, she loves kids of all ages. Do you need a babysitter?

One of Sam and Makayla's favorite gifts. They both got a power tool set. They love them. They are ready to build a tree house.

Another of Makayla's favorite gifts. I have to make her take them off. She would wear them all the time. I was surprised she liked them because of the feet. She does not really like to wear socks, so I was sure she would not like these, but she does.

After spending time with family here, we headed home. We got home to open our one Christmas eve gift, which is always pjs. Then it was off to bed.

In other years, I would have had another hours worth of stuff to do, but this time I did all of my last minute stuff the night before. I was able to go to bed after the girls while Marvin and Jeremy stayed up playing the XBox 360.

Christmas day is on its way.


  1. So, I just saw that your blog is called "Movius Moments" now- are you moving off the farm or did you just want to change the name?

  2. No, we are not moving off the farm yet. I am just mad at the farm at the moment. It is a big mud hole and I am not happy about it.

    Actually, when I went to redo it, the title did not really go with the cute girl and everything, so I decided to change the name.