Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christmas at the Schmidt's

It is always nice to have Marvin with us at Christmas time. This is actually the second Christmas he has been home without my parents.

He does not live with us right now, so that he can be closer to everything downtown. Mostly soccer related things. He lives with our brother, Josh's in-laws, Bill and Jessie Schmidt.

They are always so kind to us. At Christmas time, they always have something small for us and we for them. These pictures were taken the day after Christmas when we went to exchange gifts with them.

Bill misses his grandson, Tekoa, who is also my nephew. He always enjoys an opportunity to hold and play with Luken.

Please pray for Bill, Jessie, and their daughter Danielle. They leave next week to travel to Kenya and spend a month there. It is Kenya's summer right now and where Josh and Rachel live, it can be unbearably hot.

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