Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas with Movius-Sager Clan

Above is a picture of our niece, Josie. She is extremely cute, but if her parents can be believed, very mischievous.

Roslynn, Ysabelle, and Makayla. As I am sure you realize now, these two girls are some of our girls favorite people. They love any opportunity to spend time with them.

Katie, Payton, and Breanna - Brea is the eldest grandchild. She just turned 15 and is working toward getting her license. Scary - Not Brea, per say, but the thought that there are two more right behind her who will be getting their licenses over the next few years.

Ange, Amanda, and Bryan - And I do mean "clan", it just keeps growing. Our sister-in-law, Amanda, is expecting the next grandchild this month.

Do you see Grandpa in there with four of his sixteen grandchildren?

Bailee and Brittin - Bailee is actually the next oldest and Brittin is number 4. They actually were hiding behind pillows before I made them get their picture taken.

Cameron is really the only clear one and he is number 3. Sadly for Bailee, he will probably get his license next. We are thinking of waiting until Bailee is 17 before we allow her to get her license.

This was what it looked like when it was time to open gifts. You can see Trav back in the right hand corner. Actually there is a better picture of him below.

The people missing from these pictures is Grandma, Brad, and myself. The rest of the family were not able to be with us. We missed you Amy, Christian, Gabe, Megan, Becky, Bret, and Lee ann.

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