Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Party

Great Grandpa & Grandma

Here are a few of the guests at Bailee's birthday party. Of course, Luken was as popular as Bailee.

Grandpa Mike

Uncle Marvin, Uncle Justin, Aunt Brittney

Candle time - I was very disappointed. Some of them were suppose to be sparklers and there was no sparkling goin' on.

Thank you, Grandma for the lovely lemon cake.

Yeah, this is me. I want to know where the double chin came from?!

Money is always welcome.

This was not from us. One of her friends got it for her. We are allowing her to have it and see how things go. I have to admit this is another thing that is wigging me out. Up unto a certain, you are monitoring all of your children's communication with the outside world. You give them a cell phone, let them be on facebook, and you feel like you lose that control.

I am really struggling with take me hands off a bit and just trusting God with Bailee. Pray for me.

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