Monday, November 2, 2009

Bailee's Birthday Morning

Bailee turned 14 this last Friday. I can hardly believe it. I have to admit that I took this one harder than I did 13. I think it is because we are allowing her to wear makeup now. It really makes her look more grown up.

Anyway, birthdays start first thing in the morning at our house. Any presents we have are given to the girls then. The above little Bible was from Bailee's Poppy, Grandma, Troy, and Dannon. Thank you so much. She really liked it.

Makayla bought her a stocking cap and decorated it for her. She is such a good big sister. It was a little bit beyond what I was hoping for, in regards to the polka dots, but she just smiled and thanked them. She assured them she would wear them.

I say them, because Sammy got her gloves to match and decorated them. She is a much more gracious person than I was at 14. When things did not meet my expectations, I had a very hard time not showing it.

We then always do a special breakfast of the birthday persons choosing. Bailee's is always crepes. We fill them with strawberries and whipped cream. Yum!!

More birthday fun to come.

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