Saturday, November 28, 2009

Makayla's Birthday Party

This picture is from Makayla on her birthday. Thank you so much, Ange, for finding the Melissa & Doug toys. We got Makayla a set of wooden dolls with magnetic clothes. We bought a set with two knowing that sharing would be in order. Sammy and Makayla each take one to bed with them.

The rest of the picture are from Makayla's birthday party. Here she is with Cousin Ysa. Now Makayla and Ysabelle will be the same age for the next four months. Makayla loves this time of year.

I am not sure what Sam was up to, but she thought she was very funny for doing this face.

I got the girls to help me frost cupcakes. They loved it.
Here was our whole crew of girls - all cousins.

Blowing out her candles.

This picture just gets my funny bone. I had asked Roslynn if I could take her picture several times, but she always told me "No." Finally her dad told her she had to and this is what I get.
I imagine she is thinking, "Okay lady, you got my dad to make me do this. Take the picture." Travis is saying, "I wish my wife was here!"

Makayla had a great party. Thank you all for coming.

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