Tuesday, November 3, 2009

14 = Makeup

The last few years for Bailee have had a milestone to look forward to. At 12, she got her ears pierced. At 13, she got her hair highlighted. And for 14, she got to start wearing makeup.

I asked my good friend, Jacque, to take go with us to Walmart and pick out some makeup. I do not wear makeup very often and I am her mom. I thought maybe another voice might be listened to. I also wanted someone to give her a little tutorial on makeup.

So we picked Jacque up at 9am, right after our birthday breakfast, and went to Walmart. The purchasing went well. Bailee is very easy going. She wanted browns and nothing too flashy. Thank you, God.

We went back to Jacque's house, where she gave Bailee her tutorial. I have to tell you that I am impressed with how well she paid attention. She has put her makeup on the last two mornings just like Jacque showed her.

She is still a stinker though and did not want her picture taken once they were all done.

Now my baby has grown up. Like I said before, the makeup has made me see her in a new way. Lord, please slow the next four years down.

1 comment:

  1. She's so lucky she didn't have an ugly junior high stage. I had a brutal one.
    I'm surprised she didn't want flashy makeup since she likes such trendy and daring clothing.
    I loved being 14. 14-16 were the best teenage years for me. Have fun Bailee!