Friday, September 18, 2009

We Did Not Give Our Moose Muffins

If you do not understand the title, then most likely you do not have children. "If You Give A Moose A Muffin" is the title of a popular children's book.

This was our second visit yesterday from our moose family. I thought they had left for good, because I did not see them at all yesterday afternoon.

The man of the family decided to take a break while his family munched on thistles.

One of the twins decided that she wanted a closer look. Actually, they liked the tree we have in our yard.

We were in our laundry and kitchen taking these pictures. You will see in some of the pictures that the moose are looking at us. They could hear us, but they did seem to feel too threatened.

Mom and the baby decided to join baby #1.

We have some rose bushes that caught the nose of this little one. They ended up eating down quite a bit.

I love the above picture. It made me think that the baby was playing peek-a-boo with me.

Dad decided to check out what was the big deal.

As you can see, he came into the yard also. Mom and the babies come fully into the yard, but Dad stayed on the edge.

The below picture gives you some perspective as to where they are in relation to where we are in the house.

We had called our neighbor so that she could come over and see them. They caught the scent of her as she walked over. She is what eventually frightened them away.

I think they are gone for good now, but it was cool to have them visit.

I looked up moose behavior and I found out that the only reason Dad was with this little family is because it is mating season. I also found out that males are the most aggressive during mating season and females are most aggressive when she has calves.

For those of you who have expressed concern, I just wanted you to know we did not attempt to get close to them. All these pictures are taken from inside of our house.


  1. I would've loved to bring my zoom lens up there!

  2. Yeah, I keep making hints that my dad should give me his new camera with the nice zoom lens. He has not given it to me yet.