Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Visitors

Yesterday morning, I woke to some sort of deer-like animal noises coming from outside our window. I hopped out of bed expecting to see some deer very close to the house. What I saw instead was a family of moose.

Two years ago, we had one lone female moose come to our house for a visit. I like to think that in the last two years she got herself a man and they had some children to round out the family.

They have been here for two days now and the daddy is very protective of his family. When the move, he is always last in line making sure nothing follows them. Yesterday, I tried to take some pictures as they were going up to the little wooded area on the hill behind our house and he stopped and stared me down for a while.

Below is a picture of him where we found them this morning. As you can see, this is right at the edge of the field behind our house. I took this picture from our kitchen window.

This is from our bedroom window. The whole family is in this picture, but you really cannot see them all. Momma and the twins are in the right side of the picture. One of them being right on the edge.

This is Momma and I am sorry for the quality. I realize I have one dirty window in our laundry room.

These are the twins.

This one decided it was brave enough to come eat right off a tree in our yard.

This is Dad at full height.

Like I said, he is bringing up the rear as the family heads to the hills.

I am not sure how long they will stay, but we have really enjoyed having them visit us. They can come back anytime. They decided to leave this time, because our cat was making such a ruckus trying to get us to let him in the back door.


  1. WOW!!!! You never would think to see that around here. It is neat that they feel that comfy to visit your place that often. I have never heard of a male sticking around after mating. That is very odd, I wonder if the female is coming into heat or what. Anyway, very cool pictures.

  2. That would scare me! Luckily they are pretty dumb, so if they ever charge you you can just hide or something- not like cougars!