Friday, February 13, 2009

The Wii - Jeremy's Present to Himself

Jeremy was very blessed this year financially for his birthday and Christmas.
He had kept the majority of this money and had enough to buy himself something
he and most everyone else in this house wanted. As you can see,
it is a Wii. You should have seen the dancing when the UPS man arrived.

Jer got this off of Ebay, so it came with an assortment of games.
The most loved one is Guitar Hero III. If you have never heard of this game,
it is fun. You are a part of rock band and you play old rock tunes.
The videos that go with are not great, but Jeremy, Marvin and Bailee love it.

Sammy and Makayla love the guitar, but are not quite coordinated
enough to actually play the game.

I just threw this picture of Marvin in for my mom and any
of you who have never met him.

So this is the new fun at the Jeremy Movius home.

1 comment:

  1. oh boy! a Wii.....boys love them, don't they?

    We got one for Cam & Matt for Christmas....they enjoy it, but they are not big gamers, so they still play it in moderation.

    Maybe our games are not "cool" enough? Do you have Mario Kart? I hear that is a great one....maybe we will get that next?