Monday, February 9, 2009

Sam's First Lost Tooth

Today was the day! Sammy lost her first tooth.
She was so excited. She has a friend who has already lost a few teeth
and she was getting anxious.

She even pulled it out all by herself, which is good
because I do not touch loose teeth.
In fact, it is one of the few things that just really
gets under my skin and makes me cringe.

There was no cringing from Mom today though.
We were playing SkipBo and she just said, "Hey".
I looked up and she was holding her tooth out.

It almost made me cry to think of how grown up she is getting.
Where has my baby gone to?!


  1. Hey. Good job girl. But I bet you miss messing around with it with your tongue.

  2. And that, right there, is why you had to make another one!

  3. those are BIG days in the life of a kid.....♥