Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day was very low key, but fun. I had done a few Valentines crafts with the girls throughout the week, but we had not actually done our Valentine's for each other yet. So they got done on Saturday.
It was actually a good way to do it for us. It gave the girls something to do instead of ask me when we were going to get into the Valentine mailbox.

Here is Bailee doing her Valentines. At this point in her teenagehood, she has decided that frustrating me
when trying to take her picture is fun.

But then knowing that I am her mother and if she does not cooperate she will be in trouble,
she gives me the funny face. Cute, though.

Then there is Sam and Mak. They are always willing to have their picture taken.
This was them as they were finishing their Valentines. We made hearts with a salt dough
that we baked and painted. They did all the painting. I did the baking.

This is the box that I made to put our Valentine's in.
I love to do crafts just as much as my girls do.

Makayla loves to get her picture taken.


  1. The box reminds me of valentine's day at school when I was little. I loved making my "mailbox". I'll have to do that with the girls when Ros is old enough to send one to Ysa...I need to make more kids so they have people to play with!

  2. and where are those beautiful flowers that I saw a certain guy buying for you.............♥

  3. Ange - Maybe next year, we can do a party together. I thought about it this year, but it was too late to make it happen.

    Becky - I did get a lovely bouquet of flowers. I have found that I enjoy an assorted bouquet over just a dozen roses. Not that I would not enjoy the roses, but I love Costco's bouquets. I just do not have that nice of a vase, so I did not want to put a picture of them on here.

  4. I liked the assoted mix too.....

    I picked up a nice vase at Dollar Tree a few months ago.....I like to have vases on hand for just that.

    Brad brought me a bouquet from Costco too and I had my neighbor and good friend Phyllis come over and arrange them....she is a flower designer.....and they look 1000x better than they did straight from the wrapping. It is amazing what a little arranging and cutting can do....

  5. I love those assorted bouquets too- they have so many different colors. The summer ones are my favorites. I used to always start drying roses the second Trav gave them too me, so I never really enjoyed them. Now, I've decided life's too short to try to save them and just enjoy them live!
    Yes, we will have to do some holiday parties together, I had never thought of that. We should take the girls on a field trip some time!

  6. Becky - It is nice when someone knows what they are doing with flowers. It makes a big difference. I will have to keep my eyes open when I am at the $ store.

    Ange - A field trip would be a great idea. Let me know if you have any ideas. I know that there is a Science Center at WSU. Randi took Troy and Dannon there once and they had a great time.

  7. Yes, I've taken our family there- we went there last year on our "staycation". It was pretty cool, especially if you get there for one of the astronomy shows- I don't know if they do those on weekdays or not? Ysa had a lot of fun- we probably could've spent a lot more time there than we did. It'll be even neater for older elementary school kids because there are lots of interactive science experiments they could do that were too complex for younger kids. When we were there, we tried to go see the cheese being made at Ferdinand's, but it was down for the day, so we just had icecream. That would be a fun trip to do sometime!

  8. Oh, and we get our chicks next week, so if you ever want to do a unit on chickens, or if the girls just want to come see them, feel free to come and visit!