Friday, February 6, 2009

Leister's In Kenya

I am sure most of you realize my parents and two youngest siblings are living in Eldoret, Kenya, Africa right now. They are directors of a children's home sponsored by an American organization called Children with Hope, which you can find on the web.

Right now, they have nine Kenyan children living in the home. They range in age from 6 to around 6 months old. The majority of them are under the age of 1. Here is the Christmas picture they took.

And then for those that don't know, my brother, Josh, his wife, Rachel, and their new son, Tekoa are also living in Kenya. They no longer live in Eldoret, but are living in Kisumu, which is on Lake Victoria. Josh is going to school to basically be a bush doctor. No that is not the official title, but I think that is what it all comes down to.
Here is the Christmas picture, they took before Tekoa joined the gang.

Then Tekoa arrived and these are the kids.

I tell you about my family so that you can be praying for them. At the end of this month, it will have 10 months since we last saw them. They will be here in August for my sister's wedding, but that will put us over a year of seeing each other.

At times, it is really hard to have them so far away. God knows and he always provides for those times. Here is a portion of my family, please pray for them and if interested check out Children with Hope to see exactly what they are doing. You can also keep track of my family by going to my mom's blog, which I am saddened to say is only updated about once a month.


  1. Your family is doing such an amazing thing.....I am in awe everytime I read the blog.....and I am so blessed by it.

  2. I check your mom and dads blog often and we are so proud of the work your family is doing. I miss them, too, but I'm sure not as much as you. We pray for them every day. What an adventure and I know they are a blessing to Africa. Josh and Rachel have started there new life together with a bang. We are proud of them, too. Can't wait to see your family in June. I love you
    and know how hard it is to be so far away from the ones you love. May the time go fast until they come for their visit.