Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tumaini Children's Home - Brighton

The children at Tumaini Children's Home are in need of your help.  Many of them are in need of sponsors.  As I am sure you all realize, it takes money to provide for all the needs of these children.  If you or someone you know would be interested, please check into what it takes to become a Tumaini sponsor.  If you do it sooner than later, you will be able to choose a child.

Below is Brighton.  He is a miracle.  More on this at my mom's blog - Leister's Kenyan Life.  I encourage you to go and see what they smiley little guy has gone through in his first four years of life.

Below is a more recent picture of my family in Africa.  This was taken in July.  As you look at this picture, you will notice a couple of the girls with pants or skirts on their heads.  Mom says that there in Kenya the women either have extensions braided into their hair or the shave it very close to their heads.  This is what they have done, because it is easier to care for.  The little girls love Troy and Dannon's long hair, so they use the pants or skirts to give them long hair.  I think it is too funny.  Srah Ellen, the one with the pink "hair", is always like this.

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