Monday, September 24, 2012

Leisters Come to Town and We Go to the Park

Randi and the kids came to town a week ago.  We got spend lots of time with them, which was so great.  We spent some time at Pioneer Park together.  Above Norah has no fear.  She kept wanting walk out on the poles.

Addi and Luken really hit it off.

This girl has so much personality.  I love it.

Back to Norah having no fear, she walked right to this slide, sat down, and tried to wiggle her hand out of her mom's.  Thankfully, Bailee was at the bottom ready to catch her.

And then there is my nephew, Caedmon, who rarely stops moving.  In fact, I think he only stops moving when his parents have him sit to calm down.  He is a joy though.

They are leaving today and I will miss them.  I am so thankful that God has orchestrated different events that have brought them to the valley over the last year.  I keep praying for more of those times.  

Stay tuned I will have more of our fun over the next week.

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