Sunday, September 2, 2012

Little Bits

We have had many little things happening in our family lately.

Our neighbor recently brought the kids to huge furniture boxes.  They turned them into a playhouse and spaceship.  We had some extra cans of spray paint around, so we let them decorate their boxes.

I love sunset shots.  We get some great sunsets up here on the prairie.

Samantha also lost a tooth.  I wish I had the video camera on her at the time, because it was funny.  She was showing me how she could wiggle two different teeth and one just popped out.  She was shocked.  Her facial expressions were priceless.

I accepted a position with in the children's ministry at our church and my husband just told me I might have my first copywriting job via his website design business.

Life is very full right now.  I am enjoying the many aspects of it.

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