Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sam's Beach Party

As family knows, Sammy's birthday is the 30th of December.  I have to admit it is very challenging for me to have what it takes to give her a party after the holidays.  I am just tuckered out.  So last December, I promised her a summer beach party for her birthday.

Here are the Betts, Goodman, and our girls in the Snake River.  Our kids love to go "up river" to be on the beach and swim.

Bailee and Tessa - Tessa has basically no body fat, so she got cold quickly.  I am sure we ended up picking the coldest day of August to go up.  Which really wasn't that cold, it was around 80 degrees, but the temperature on the other days had been in the high 90s.

Sam opening her gifts with the whole crew around to watch.  Another bummer was it was windy.  Every once in a while a big gust of wind would come along and pick up a layer of sand.

The girls had a sand castle building contest.  Everyone won a prize.

Mya and her castle

Bailee's castle

Makayla's castle

Sam and Ashley teamed up

Rosey's castle

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