Thursday, August 16, 2012

Family Camp

This year was the first time Jeremy or I had been to the annual family camp our church attends.  We went as the "teachers" for the 6 to 8 year old age group of kid's ministry.  We had a great time.  It was very tiring and went by very quickly, but definitely worth it.

This is Jeremy as he mans the bouncing castle.

We had surfboards as part of our decor.  Luken and Anjahli were taking a ride upon one.

We had our RCC kids help us with the motions to the worship songs.  Ysa, our niece, and Makayla were up there.

Here is the rest of our crew.  We had 35 to 40 kids at each meeting.

We went for a little drive on the Going to the Sun Road.  That is the actual name of the road.  It is a beautiful drive.  Makayla did not enjoy it.  The road spends too much time on the edge of the mountain side.  Makayla does not like heights.

I took pictures of all the kids to take home with them.  They also took a goofy picture.  Here are the ones Makayla was in.

There was a little beach on the campgrounds where we took the kids a couple of times to get in the water.  The water here is cold.  The camp is located in Hungry Horse, MT and the river is fed from a glacier.  Hungry Horse is right outside of Glacier National Park.

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