Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More on Chicken Farming

This is our shop and where the chickens were living before Jeremy got done with their house.

He got their yard done before the house.  We used the fencing that had been used for the dog kennel.

They loved having their yard.  After about a week of taking them to it, we were able to put them all out in our yard and herd them up to their yard.

This is the building behind our house.  The window boarded up is the one that will lead into their house.  We are using about 1/3 of the building for the chickens home.

This is how they get in right now.  Jeremy has made them a ramp, but it hasn't been warm enough for a long enough period to water seal it.

From outside in.

This is their roosting bar, but they could not get up there yet, so Jeremy moved the box in.

Back corner - The shelves there became the nesting boxes.

This is our rooster.  Jeremy had wondered early on if his chicken whose name is Omelet was a rooster.  He has been very aggressive right from the start.  Then one morning he let out a lovely cockle doodle doo and we knew for a fact.

Coming out for some fresh air.

They love it when we let them out to free range.  They will all congregate around the gate when they see you coming.

One evening I found them all roosting like this.  I thought it was funny.  I took the picture through the fence because when I got close to the gate they began to move.

We are really enjoying having chickens.  I know it will be that much more fun when they begin to lay eggs.