Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More Leisters Arrive in the Valley

I know I am incredibly behind.  I am going to try to get you caught up with what has been happening in our lives.  And just so you know, Josh and his family left today.  I have been praying all day their travels go well.  I have a hard time imagining traveling from here to  Kenya with a two year old who says "why" every other sentence and a one year old who can walk now.  Crazy

We had one gathering with the parents and Josh's family.  I am not sure what Mom is saying , but it must be good.

Tekoa, my nephew, loves Makayla.  Any time we were together, he wanted to be with Makayla.

It took Tekoa and Luken a bit of time to warm up to each other.  

Mother Leister and myself - Yes, I know, I look like my mother.

The youngest grandson, so far.

Tekoa has one of the most outgoing personalities I have ever met.  In this picture, he is giving a concert to one and all.  He even took the time to make sure everyone was listening.

Our last night together

Eliza, my niece - It took her a bit more time to warm up to everyone.

Sadly, I did not take this picture.  Bailee did.  Eliza would not even look at me to begin with.

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